About Camellix

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Camellix® is a biotechnology and drug development company that develops and markets a new generation of therapeutic and consumer products that are natural, effective, non-toxic and without side effects. These products are all derived from technologies invented at Georgia Health Sciences University.

Over the years, the research team, comprised of many doctors, dentists, researchers, dental hygienists, and students, has participated in multiple studies and clinical trials. We have discovered many beneficial properties of compounds obtained from plants, especially from Camellia sinensis (commonly referred to as green tea), and application methods for their use.  These discoveries have enabled us to develop several lines of natural and effective products to improve human health without toxic ingredients that are harmful to humans, animals, or the environment.
The unique strength and resource of our company is the combination of cutting-edge technologies and the expertise of medical and dental professionals behind every product we
make. Our products are all made in the USA; they are effective, easy to use, and without toxic ingredients.
Camellix currently markets the MighTeaFlow® chewing gum and lozenge for dry mouth management, the ReviTeaLize® hair care products for control of dandruff and reduce thinning
of hair, AverTeaX® therapeutic products to treat cold sores and fever blisters, and SnooTeas® pet shampoo. We firmly believe in the benefits to be found from use our groundbreaking products. These products are available online at www.camellix.com, www.amazon.com, www.sears.com, and at a growing number of local pharmacies in the South East.
Our business practices include conducting laboratory research, clinical trial, and ingredient testing, to provide better products and service to our customers. The biotechnology laboratory of Camellix is located on campus of the Georgia Health Sciences University Life Sciences in the Business Development Center, Augusta, GA. The main activity of the laboratory is the investigation of naturally-occurring agents for future therapeutic use. Camellix uses the most advanced technologies and biological models available to test the effects of agents, and has the capacity to conduct clinical studies of candidate therapeutic agents within the medical centers associated with the university.
We are pleased to inform you that all of our products have been developed and will continue to be developed on a sound scientific basis, validated through scientific research and clinical studies, and protected by US and global patents.