Tired of spending thousands of dollars on prescriptions for dry mouth?

EGCG inhibits Ebola. our AverTeaX inventor, Dr. Stephen Hsu, was right. Look at Figure 1.

Recently, US Army research shows effectiveness of green tea EGCG in fighting Ebola virus. 

Our AverTeaX inventor, Dr. Stephen Hsu, was right! 

“EGCG-Ester in AverTeaX can be used to prevent other viral infections,” said Dr. Hsu.


GRU Professor: Green Tea Lotion Can Kill Spread of Ebola Virus, Likely

Posted: Oct 08, 2014 10:27 PM EDT

Updated: Oct 08, 2014 11:35 PM EDT

MighTeaFlow-Green tea lozenge helps dry mouth

In a randomized control trial of the MighTeaFlow lozenge versus a placebo with just a sugar substitute Xylitol, our MighTeaFlow Green Tea formula with Xylitol increased saliva flow in 4 fold.  (CHRONICLE.AUGUSTA.COM)

Looking for an alternative to Biotene Dry Mouth Gum?

Did you know Biotene gum is no longer available? Do not despair, as MighTeaFlow moisturizing dry mouth gum is the answer!  Just ask any former Biotene gum chewer who has tried our all natural green tea formulation.  They love it!  Thanks to all these former Biotene gum customers that have called and ordered. We know from your positive responses that you have found our MighTeaFlow natural green tea dry mouth gum moisturizing and refreshing!

SnooTEAs!!!! Your pet deserves the best!!!

SNOOTEAS®    Natural Pet Shampoo
SnooTeas natural pet shampoo is recommended for the prevention and treatment of skin inflammation, irritations, itching scales, crusting and odors on your pet.

Hinman Dental Convention 2013 Was A Huge Success!!

We had a fabulous time in the beautiful city of Atlanta, GA!!  Met so many people and it was great!  The best part was introducing new people to our products and seeing them just as thrilled about them as we are.  Definitely an experience to remember!!

Camellix is in Atlanta!!

Wowing Hotlanta with our Next Generation Green Tea Technology!!! Come visit us at the 101st Thomas P. Hinman Dental Meeting!!

Camellix is Atlanta Bound!!!!

We are very excited to be showcasing all of our natural green tea products at the 101st Thomas P. Hinman Dental Meeting in Atlanta March 21-March 23!!


Camellix’s very own Dr. Steven Hsu’s research is featured in the inaugural edition of G-Research, GRU’s new biannual research magazine. The magazine is also featured on the GRU website at http://insider.gru.edu/magazine. It’s a very interesting read. Click the link, go to Discoveries in progress. Page 37.

Green tea, coffee may help lower stroke risk

Green tea, coffee may help lower stroke risk
Dr. Hess shared a very good article with us, please see below the link. If you don’t have time to make a good cup of green tea for yourself, please chew our gum, one piece of MighTeaFlow gum = one cup of green tea (according to our Green Tea Guy, Dr. Hsu).  http://www.consumeraffairs.com/news/green-tea-coffee-may-help-lower-stroke-risk-031413.html

Put a Little Piece of Antioxidant in Your Day!!

If you drink a lot of water daily, but you are missing Green Tea(THE SUPER ANTIOXIDANT!), NO PROBLEM. Our MIghTeaFlow Gum will do the trick!! One piece of our flavorful gum=one cup of green tea in every delicious piece!!!


Gentle and Effective!!
Deep Cleansing Formula!!
Powerful Botanic Antioxidants!!
Green Tea Leaf Extract!!
Aloe Leaf Juice!!
Light Lavender Scent!!
No Tar!!
No Sulfate!!
No Salt!!
Recommended for the prevention and treatment of skin inflammation, irritations, itching, scales, crusting and odors.

Want Thicker, Healthier Hair?

Want Thicker, Healthier Hair?

You can achieve that with our ReviTeaLize Hair Thickening Shampoo.  It has quickly become a favorite to everyone that has tried it. We have had unsolicited rave reviews about it on our Camellix Facebook Page.

This wonderful product was developed by Dr. Stephen Hsu, Professor at Georgia Regents University (formerly known as Medical College of Georgia). It naturally makes all hair types appear thicker, fuller and healthier!!!

Dr. Steven Hsu Is On The Cover Of Sjogrens Quarterly!!

Camellix is so proud of our President and CEO, Dr. Steven Hsu, as well as his colleagues, Dr. Douglas Dickenson and Dr. Scott DeRossi for being featured on the cover of Sjogren’s Quarterly!!

We feel so honored to have Dr. Hsu at our helm, leading the way in his Next Generation Green Tea Technology.  

Dry Mouth to Moist Mouth in Minutes

Dry Mouth to Moist Mouth in Minutes
There are a lot of people out there that suffer from chronic dry mouth also known as xerostomia. This is a condition that results from a decreased production of saliva. Dry Mouth can be caused by many different factors: being on a lot of medication, going through chemotherapy, having Sjogren’s syndrome just to name a few.
Dry mouth can make it very difficult to speak, swallow, sleep, and can cause your quality of life to diminish.

Control Your Dandruff the Natural Way

Are you putting toxic chemicals on your hair to get rid of those pesky flakes?? If you are, stop!

Battling Hair Loss?

Try our ReviTeaLize Hair Thickening Shampoo. This product is designed to make the cells that produce hair healthier.

Why Green Tea?

Green tea has been getting a lot of attention in recent years. It is a natural antioxidant. It has a lot to offer in the way of health benefits in many areas. Scientists and clinicians have discovered the anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer properties in the compounds obtained from green tea leaves. Current technologies allow us to bring the research results into different products to benefit people, without side effects or toxic material.


Our Researcher and Developer, Dr. Stephen Hsu and our Senior Vice President, Tracy Wang are Boston bound to attend the 2013 Yankee Dental Congress. This is a very exciting event!!

Is Your Mouth Constantly Dry?

Dry mouth, also called xerostomia, is a condition that results from decreased production of saliva. The lack of saliva in your mouth may make it difficult to speak, eat, or even sleep. Besides the uncomfortable feeling, lack of saliva can cause bacteria to flourish in a dry mouth.

Do you see flaking on your shoulders?

The sure sign of dandruff is white flakes on the scalp and in the hair. If you are wearing dark clothing, the flakes will be definitely more noticeable. Your scalp may feel really itchy or even sore. If you have seborrheic dermatitis, you may notice the white flakes even seem oily.
No doubt about it, it’s an embarrassing condition. The great news is that it can be controlled in a natural and effective way with ReviTeaLize Anti-Dandruff Shampoo.

Oh No! A Cold Sore is Coming!!

You know the feeling: itchy, burning, tingly and the hardness under your lip. It’s only a matter of time before it erupts. It’s the most painful sore on your lips and you are going to have it for a while. You can’t stay home until it clears up because you have school, a job, and things to do. Life goes on. However, you are going to feel self-conscious and embarrassed until it goes away.

Got Flakes?

Dandruff can be a huge source of embarrassment.  You don’t feel comfortable wearing that black outfit.  You are constantly brushing the little white flakes off of your shoulders and hoping that no one else notices. Not to mention the constant itching of the scalp that is so annoying. You may wash your hair constantly, but the problem doesn’t go away. 

This is the winter season and the cold weather can seem to make your condition worse.   

Thinning Hair Causing You Stress?

Losing your hair is a stressful time for both men and women.  It can cause you to have a lower self esteem.  Having hair loss can really put a damper on how you feel about yourself.  It may cause you to feel hopeless or even depressed about your appearance.  A lot of people associate their hair loss with the fact that they are getting older and this is just what happens.  That isn't how it has to be.  

Marvelous News from Chicago!!!

Dr. Stephen HSU,  a professor from Georgia Regents University (f/k/a GHSU) is on Healthbeat, Channel 7 News in Chicago explaining  his research on dry mouth and how consuming green tea is a good way to relieve it. Our MighTeaFlow Dry Mouth Gum was developed by Dr. Hsu.  It relieves mouth dryness with all the benefits of green tea and xylitol. It reduces bacterial growth that causes plaque and decay.  Sugar free, saccharin free and glucose free.  We care for your health through next generation green tea technology!!!

Don't Suffer with Cold Sore Outbreaks!!

There are so many reasons why so many people suffer from cold sore outbreaks.  It could be because it is flu season,  it's tax season or it could be because of all the daily stressors that overwhelm us in life. What can you do to prevent them or at least shorten your outbreak time?

Why Camellix?

Our MighTeaFlow™ Dry-mouth gum launched out to the public on March 1, 2012. The Augusta Chronicle published an article about Dr. Hsu and the launch of MighTeaFlow Dry Mouth Products. The article contained the information that we are looking to provide free samples to the first 500 people who contact us. Well, people read that and they called. The product has been met with great success, greater even than we had hoped. We had anticipated giving 500 free sample of the gum away in the month of March. Instead, we gave away more than 730 free samples in the first week! People have responded very well to the product and orders have started coming in from around the US.

Camellix in the News

Dr. Hsu was interviewed by Mr. Tom Corwin of the Augusta Chronicle newspaper. Click the link below to read this wonderful article. Thank you to Mr. Corwin and his photographer for spending some time with Dr. Hsu and the Camellix Team! 

Georgia Health Sciences University incubator business produces green tea gum to help fight dry mouth

What is Camellix?

A simple definition of  Xerostomia (dry mouth) was completed by the staff at the Mayo Clinic. Simply put, xerostomia is a condition in which your mouth is unusually dry. While dry mouth may seem to be a common problem that may seem little more than a nuisance, a dry mouth can affect both your enjoyment of food and the health of your teeth.