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HATE Cold Sores? You'll LOVE AverTeaX with Green Tea Extracts

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Cold sores holding you hostage in your home?  Avoiding the beach for fear of a cold sore outbreak due to sun exposure?  Life stressing you out and causing those outbreaks to occur more frequently?  No worries, we have the solution....

Tired of wasting your time and money on cold sore products that just don't work? Anti-viral prescriptions (acyclovir, penciclovir) hurt your DNA and cost a lot of money, over-the-counter options and natural home remedies are just not effective.  No worries, we have the solution.

It's the Holiday (and Cold Sore) Season!

Did you know the cold sore season goes hand in hand with the holiday season?  Outbreaks can occur at any time of year, but the combination of weather extremes and stress seems to be a unique mix that promotes cold sores.  Our advice?  Identify ways to lower your stress levels, maintain a strong immune system, avoid harsh winter weather by protecting your face with a scarf.

Say goodbye to high priced dry mouth prescription drugs and say hello to MighTeaFlow

Say goodbye to high prices for dry mouth prescriptions that offer minor relief while producing unwanted side effects...Say HELLO to MighTeaFlow, the natural alternative to stimulate one's own saliva flow by up to 400%!

ProtecTeaV EGCG Green Tea Sanitizer and Lotion Offers Solution to MERS Epidemic!

ProtecTeaV EGCG Green Tea Sanitizer and Lotion Offers Solution to MERS Epidemic!
Our hearts go out to South Korea and people affected by the recent MERS outbreak. The epidemic will grow exponentially in the coming weeks if not controlled. Fortunately, Camellix has just launched two products to provide a solution -  ProtecTeaV EGCG-Green Tea Hand Sanitizer and ProtecTeaV EGCG Skin Lotion. Scientific data shows EGCG effectively kills many viruses including MERS, influenza, HIV, HSV 1 and 2, Hepatitis B & C, HPV, Ebola, Enterovirus, and norovirus. 

1st Green Tea EGCG Hand Sanitizer & Lotion

ProtecTeaV™ EGCG Hand Sanitizer and EGCG Lotion

We are excited to announce our newest green tea EGCG product line:  ProtecTeaV™ EGCG Sanitizer and EGCG Lotion

Dry Mouth Clinical Trial at GRU with Dr Hsu and Dr DeRossi

Dry Mouth Clinical Trial at GRU with Dr Hsu and Dr DeRossi

The MighTeaFlow Dry Mouth formula has great clinical trial results from the 2-year phase II study - This natural formula can increase your OWN saliva 400% vs. the placebo of Xylitol alone.

Universities seek to boost research image

ATLANTA -- Georgia’s academic community is trying to spark the kind of commercial spinoffs that have propelled Boston, Austin, San Francisco and North Carolina with a half-day conference Monday to showcase examples of discoveries that have turned into businesses here.

More Reasons Why You Should Be Drinking Green Tea – Type 1 Diabetes & Sjogren’s Syndrome

It’s okay if you’ve never heard of Dr. Stephen Hsu (SHOE), PhD from The Medical College of Georgia  - I didn’t know who he was until a few months ago when I was sifting through pages and pages of studies about Green Tea.  Suffice to say that in the realm of Green Tea Research, Dr. Hsu is a pretty big deal.  He’s been working behind the scenes for years, studying and documenting the many health benefits of Green Tea’s compounds. Hsu is a Molecular and Cell Biologist and an Associate Professor with the Department of Oral Biology and Maxillofacial Pathology.  As well as being one of the world’s preeminent Green Tea researchers, he is the author of more than three dozen articles in various scientific journals.  So why should you care?  Well… it means he knows his stuff… and his work could help you to live a healthier life!  

Shampoo created at GHSU draws on green tea

 A powerful antioxidant derived from green tea could help strengthen hair and is one of the active ingredients in a new shampoo, a researcher at Georgia Health Sciences University said. GHSU professor Stephen Hsu says Camellix, a company housed at the school, will launch its "hair-thickening" shampoo next week. The shampoo uses an antioxidant derived from green tea.

Forced Laborer To Green Tea Guru

A researcher at the Georgia Health Sciences University in Augusta is studying how green tea can help treat conditions ranging from dry mouth to cancer. But it hasn't been an easy road. This is a report on one man's journey from forced laborer to green tea guru.

Green tea lozenge tested as dry-mouth remedy

A clinical trial is under way at Georgia Health Sciences University using an all-natural lozenge to treat dry mouth, or Xerostomia, a condition that impacts 40 percent of American adults. Researchers in the GHSU College of Dental Medicine are hoping the lozenge will provide relief without the side-effects of prescription dry-mouth medication, such as diarrhea and excessive sweating. “These patients’ mouths are as dry as if you’ve closed the faucet, and we want to turn that faucet back on,” said Dr. Stephen Hsu, Molecular and Cell Biologist and co-investigator of the study. “The cells and glands that produce saliva are still there, they’re just not working.”

Georgia Health Sciences University incubator business produces green tea gum to help fight dry mouth

Right now, they are just bright green squares of gum. But Dr. Stephen Hsu hopes they are just the start of green tea-based consumer products that will translate into jobs in Augusta and the state. Georgia Health Sciences University professor Dr. Stephen Hsu shows off his new green tea-based consumer products, which he hopes will create job opportunities