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3 Pints a day keeps Decay away

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So "an apple a day keeps the doctor away," BUT have you heard of this one?  "3 pints a day keeps decay away."  Did you know, the average healthy adult produces about 3 pints of saliva in 24 hours. If you need help achieving 3 pints, MighTeaFlow is here to help!  Saliva secretion serves many purposes- it's important in the digestive process of breaking foods down for absorption and use by the body. Saliva washes away food and plaque from the teeth and helps prevent tooth decay. Saliva also limits bacterial growth that can dissolve tooth enamel or lead to mouth infections. Saliva neutralizes damaging acids in the mouth, enhances the ability to taste food, and makes it easier to swallow.  If you are one of those who experiences dry mouth, clinical studies have shown MighTeaFlow helps increase one's own saliva by up to 400% while improving pH to a more neutral state.  MighTeaFlow offers a refreshing spearmint gum, light raspberry oral rinse & spray, and moisturizing orange cream lozenge.  Learn more about MighTeaFlow and our other green tea products at  Available for purchase at select pharmacies nationwide, as well as,, and

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