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Flu Update: Understanding Sanitizers - What does the 99.99% label mean?

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The 2017-2018 flu season has had an alarming start; many people have lost their lives. There are some misconceptions over “flu prevention”. One of those misconceptions is “any hand sanitizer can kill viruses because it can kill 99.99% of germs”.  The 99.99% killing of germs only applies to bacteria/fungus.  It has NOTHING to do with killing viruses. International standards for sanitizers to kill viruses must show a 10,000 fold reduction from the polio virus infection test because the polio virus is the hardest to inactivate. Recently published test results demonstrate only one hand sanitizer meets this standard – ProtecTeaV, which contains the active natural compound EGCG. That’s why ProtecTeaV EGCG Sanitizer is the only approved hand sanitizer used at The Dental College of Georgia.  Protect you and your loved ones today – available on   #flu #H3N2 #EGCG #fluupdate 

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