The LIPADAN Technology

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The LIPADAN technology (US patent-pending, Georgia Health Sciences University) maximizes the beneficial effects of green tea leaf extract (Camellia sinensis) and Aloe Vera, and stabilizes the many antioxidants contained in green tea resulting in a novel non-toxic formula that easily penetrates the skin barrier.

REVITEALIZE™ anti-dandruff shampoo with the LIPIDAN technology allows green tea polyphenols to penetrate the skin and inhibit scalp inflammation, hyper-proliferation, and flake formation WITHOUT relying on coal tar, sulfur, sulfate, or sodium chloride (salt) to work, unlike many other anti-dandruff shampoos that contain toxins and cancer-causing chemicals. Certain chemicals in coal tar (a waste byproduct of coal processing) are known carcinogens (please see environmental working group at for more information). All ingredients in REVITEALIZE™ are carefully selected, making our anti-dandruff shampoo environmentally friendly and so gentle to your hair it can be used every day, even the bottle can be recycled. A clinical study has been planned in the Dermatology Department at Georgia Health Sciences University for this product line.